About Us
All you need to know about CAIC

Christ Ambassadors International College was established in 1998 as the college arm of Juniors International Nursery and Primary School in the high brow area of Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan, Nigeria. We are a co-educational international christian school that is set out to raise intellectual Ambassadors for Christ. Our watchword is excellence and integrity.

Mission, vision and values

Mission is our purpose and the reason for our establishment.
Vision is the intended future state of our institution.
Values are our deeply held, timeless beliefs or aspirations.
Together they reveal our utmost goals and identify, what we must attain and sustain as we endeavour to reach our zenith in the field of education.


  • To provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for all under the umbrella of CAIC
  • To develop high academic accomplishments and impart intellectual skills
  • To expose students to leadership roles and civilized governance early in life
  • To mould students future ambitions through result oriented teachers
  • To inculcate into each student the Godly character and promote healthy interpersonal relationships and respect for all.
  • To develop all rounded students in academics, spiritual, moral, sporting, music and cultural pursuits.


  • To raise Ambassadors for Christ who would exhibit excellence and integrity in its entirety.
    Our VALUES are based solely on the word of God with EXCELLENCE as our watchword and INTEGRITY our standard.

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