Academic team
CAIC's exceptional academic team

The CAIC academic team consists of seasoned professionals who include the Executive Director, Group Principal, Vice Principal, School Counsellor, Heads of Year, Heads of Department and Teachers. The Academic team works with the students to maintain the high academic standard for the school. Assessment is a continuous systematic process throughout the session.

E - learning has been introduced to enhance student learning outcomes. This ensures that each student has the opportunity to research and browse the internet. Termly examination is conducted at the end of each term. The continuous assessment and examination form the basis of examination for each student. Christ Ambassadors' International College's academic team has an internationally recognized program that helps each student develop self-awareness and lifelong learning skills. This prepares each student for the desired career path and degree requirements for the next academic level worldwide. The programs are:

  • Developing educational plans that are constitent with life long goals.
  • Utilizing interactive self discovery tools to reveal the students special talents
  • Investigating career opportunities
  • Overcoming educational and personal problems
  • Accessibility of resources in the school that enhances the students academic ability
  • Assisting students in understanding the CAIC academic policies and procedures

All these programs are obtainable not only because of the efficiency of our academic team but the wealth of experience they possess as well.





News & Events

  • Visit to the “Living Word” orphanage

    The Children’s Day celebration at Christ Ambassadors International College which took place on the 26th May, 2017, was filled with lots of interesting events organized by the team of newly chosen prefects in Year 11. As part of the day’s events, some of the year 11 students paid a visit to the “Living Word” orphanage at about 5.00 pm on Friday evening. Realizing that as [see more...]

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    CAIC recently launched new Social Media pages to connect better with the you and the rest of the world.
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