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The trip to Sea School is a fundamental experience. The center provides a non-formal educational experience in self discovery and actualization, with a focus on short but intensive training for responsible leadership and good citizenship.

The training programme exposes the students to sound planning, good organizational and effective time management. It also inculcates in them individual self discipline and character building, which are essential to the survival of any nation.

The school teaches students how to endure and never give up in all life’s endeavours and to work as a team and achieve results through team work, cooperation. This makes them become aware of their capacity to be stretched beyond what he or she feels is his or her limit. Also, develops in the individual desirable values that will foster the development of positive values, courage, trust, generosity and integrity which are qualities of acceptable leadership practice for the benefit of both self and the public.

20th February, 2017 (by Okeke Franklyn)

We got to the Sea School at 2.20 p.m., and then we rode in a boat to the island. We offloaded our luggage from the boat using a particular method where we all stood in a straight line and passed each person’s luggage from one person to another. After offloading, we were taught some specific words and were told by our instructors about what we would experience throughout our stay. We were also split into two groups, namely: Amina Watch and Balewa Watch and we chose our Orderly Officer and our watch leaders.

21st February, 2017 (by Adesope Yewande)

The Pencil Parable Lecture! A lecturer talked to us about what a pencil must go through to become a better pencil, which includes painful sharpening, corrections, etc. The lesson learnt from the lecture is that the life of the pencil is similar to that of humans and that in order to become a better person we must accept corrections and undergo constant sharpening of our skills.

The next activity was to climb over a twelve feet high wall which required that group member’s work together to assist the individual members climb over the unusually high wall. The essence of all these tasks was to impact the spirit of team work to all the group members.

We, thereafter, proceeded to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. We had been given life jackets to wear for safety purpose. It was a very wonderful experience for me as it was the first time I swam in such open, large and natural water!

22nd February, 2017 (by Chukwuemeka Wendy)

I would love to say that a stay in Sea School is one that lingers on in my memory.

The first activity of the day was called “assault”. We were directed on how to maneuver round the obstacles: barbwire, tire roll, stamina determiner, etc before we actually faced them ourselves. At the end of the activity, some of the lessons learnt were determination, patience and focus.

The final activity of the day was the 2-minutes talk. It was impromptu speech which each participant was expected to give after picking a topic on our own. The lesson learnt was that to be a leader you have to be always ready for any attack, trouble, obstacle, barrier that may come your way.

23rd February, 2017 (by Aregbesola Tomisin)

We had a lesson on rope knotting by Mr. Bayo, who taught us about various types of knots and the treatment and maintenance of ropes. He was very careful to make the lecture very practical to ensure that we retain all that we were taught.

We also had a lecture on First Aid. We learnt about the objectives of first aid, qualities of a good first aider, golden rules of first aid, and materials found in a first aid kit and so on. We were also educated on how to handle casualties such as fainting, fractures and unconsciousness.

24th February, 2017 (by Agunloye Olawale)

At 8.45 a.m., we were all in the boat ready to start our journey to the village. We were told that it had only one school and the nearby schools were 20 km from their location. There were no hospitals, cars or electric poles making us realize that not everyone has it as good as we do, so we have to be grateful for everything given to us.

Some residents of the village challenged us to a football match. After which we had our mini Olympics consisting of two rounds. The first round was the blindfold challenge and the second the tug of war, which was between the boys and girls and ended in a draw.

25th February, 2017 (by Ogunmola Muizat)

Around 2.30 p.m. all watches got ready for the cooking competition. Around 6.30 p.m. all watches chose representatives to get their section ready. By 7.00 p.m. the judges began to make their inspection rounds. They were quite impressed with the aroma, taste and presentation of the food by Amina Cuisine.

At 9.00 p.m. it was announced at the award presentation that CAIC students were the first set of students to be so well behaved and disciplined and that they have never had eight students as the most outstanding at Sea School!


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