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An interesting and adventurous excursion to IITA!

The long awaited half-term weekend excursion to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan by the Year 7 students of Christ Ambassadors International College has come and gone. It was with a great sense of anticipation that the students, accompanied by the members of staff to ensure their safety and overall welfare, went on the field trip on the Friday 9th June, 2017.

The young people had a swell-time at the pool, swimming and playing in the water. There were lots of sporting activities such as table tennis, basketball, lawn tennis, cycling and so on, to be enjoyed. Students gained extensive knowledge outside the classroom learning about the collection of wind instruments, Water Treatment Plant and touring the green houses.

Also everyone had an awesome spiritual lifting up session when the staff with the students dug deep into the word of God.

Both students and staff were able to create unforgettable and lasting memories – captured on camera and phones – in the very serene and beautiful environment depicting nature at its best. It was truly a memorable time, filled with fun, good food, adventure, laughter and times for bonding among the students.


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