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CAIC Inter-House Sports Completion is one to remember!

Nwankwo Ugochi (Yellow House)

The CAIC Inter-House Sports competition for the 2015/2016 session actually started on the 10th of February, 2017 with the Heat Events. The grand finale, however, held at the Obafemi Awolowo stadium on the 14th of February, 2017. The track events were really exciting, as students who were never considered as good athletes, proved everyone wrong.

All in all, the different houses showed great sportsmanship, and from the whole outcome, I can say that this 11th edition of the Inter-House Sports competition was exhilarating, fun and exciting. I say “shout out to Yellow House”, the best.

Etop Essein Emmanuella (Blue House)

CAIC had her 11th Inter-House Sports competition on Tuesday, 14th February, 2017 at Obafemi Avoolowo Stadium, Ibadan. Lots of special guests as well as other schools were invited. Some of the events that took place on that day were the march past, picking the cones, lime and spoon race, three legged race, filling the bottle, skipping race, threading the needle, 100 meters race for both juniors and seniors, 4x100 relay for both juniors and seniors and the bicycle race. Parents also participated in an event which was the Brisk Walk for mothers and the Run Race for fathers. Students cheered their parents on.

Wendy Chukwuemeka (Red House)

The Inter-House Sports competition of CAIC was a very fascinating event. It created all the fun and excitement that any team could ever want. All the track events were so exciting. The field events were also breathtaking; for instance the long jump in which Green House came first for girls and Red House for boys. Also, the march past was another activity that left me smiling. I loved the colour and exhibition style of the marchers. I also found it nice that Red House had a King and a Queen.

Oduwiaye Akolade (Green House)

The CAIC Inter-House Sports competition this year was an epoch making event. It was a wonderful sight to behold. There were various field and track events so that even if you are not too athletic, there was still a sport for you to participate in. I personally enjoyed the needle and thread race because it required calmness.

Cheering for our housemates was fun, even though we came third, we were not discouraged but decided to work harder next time.


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