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Visit to the “Living Word” orphanage

The Children’s Day celebration at Christ Ambassadors International College which took place on the 26th May, 2017, was filled with lots of interesting events organized by the team of newly chosen prefects in Year 11. As part of the day’s events, some of the year 11 students paid a visit to the “Living Word” orphanage at about 5.00 pm on Friday evening. Realizing that as Children’s Day celebrations were on-going in the school, some other children are not as privileged as the students of CAIC, they went bearing gifts including food and other items to share with the children at the orphanage.

When they arrived at the orphanage, the children were already seated and were very happy to see them. The senior prefects, Tomete Obaitan and Oluwatomisin Aregbesola, alongside Nnamdi Charles-Ukeje briefly thanked the children for their warm welcome. Wendy Chukwuemeka later prayed for the children and all the students wished them divine help and support. Touched by the kind gesture, the children decided to return the favour. One of them, named Joy, prayed for the visitors, asking God to replenish all they had given out.

The children of the orphanage were given all the items the CAIC students had bought as gifts for them. This was followed by a photo session with permission of the administration of the Orphanage. While taking the pictures, some of the children broke down and began to cry; they were overwhelmed by the show of love. The students had to return to school once it was few minutes past six. That was a unique and wonderful opportunity for CAIC students to be a source of blessing to others as well as being a very touching experience for one and all!


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