Co-Curricular Activities
Social development via co-curricular activities


Students regularly go on excursions locally, nationally and internationally. This helps facilitate, enhance and broaden their knowledge academically, socially and culturally. The school has organized excursions to Ghana, The United States, Dubai to mention a few.

Family mentoring

Students are put in groups of famillies, with a staff per group serving as their mentor. This fosters warm and caring relationships as experienced in a family setting.

Jeans for Genes

Periodically the school organizes programmes aimed at caring and raising funds for genetically disabled children tagged "Jeans for Genes". The students raise funds to donate to children with genetic disorders through this event.

Clubs and Societies

For many of our students our clubs and organizations are one of their favourite aspects of school life. From music, debatig to swimming, we ooffer a host of different options and we see these activities and skills as an essential element for the development of our students. In adition, these clubs help forge friendships and provide the roots of hobbies and enthusiasm that will serve the students well, both now and in their future.

Different clubs and societies exist in the school such as:

  • Literary and Debating/Press Club
  • Drama Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Levites
  • Weight Watchers Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Football Club
  • Home Makers
  • Red Cross Society
  • Sidcain Club
  • JETS - Junior Engineers, Technicians & Scientists Club
  • Information Technology Club
  • Environment Club
  • French Club
  • Russian Club

Students are encouraged to join any club of their choice.


The school has a drama troupe comprising of students. Our regular school plays and drama skits are handled with expertise and skill. Our Drama Club is also hugely popular, providing both self-expression and confidence-building skills for students of all ages.


Music is taught at the junior and middle school. Our students love to be in the Music club, where they can showcase their God given vocal talents. Our students play various instruments. They have produced 3 gospel music CDs.


Our prowess spans through academics, co-curricular activities and athletics.





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