Uniform & Learning
All you need to know about Uniforms & Learning


Wearing of the designated uniform is compulsory, as it creates a sense of belonging in the school. On Fridays, the students wear a branded polo T-shirt and for Saturday School, the dress code is white and black. The boarders have a designated house-wear and students are given the privilege to be part of the committees that designs the house wear for each session.

The Christ Ambassadors International College learning experience

Good academic results provide the gateway into further education and a world of opportunity and we aim to provide a rich and inspiring learning experience for our students. We aim to help them develop their natural curiosity, explore issues of national and global significance, acquire a broad range of in-depth knowledge and understanding, to enjoy learning and above all become ambassadors indeed in all ramifications of life.

One-to-one approach

At Christ Ambassadors International College, we understand that each student is different and we spend time properly getting to know them. We’re dedicated to getting the best out of every single student and our individualised approach plays to their strengths and makes them feel more highly valued, which usually translates into improved motivation and great results.


Our e-learning initiative has fused the best of traditional and modern learning with the resources, tools and opportunities provided by the very latest of information technology. We have successfully introduced and embedded a range of educational technologies throughout the school, always with a keen eye on providing the very best learning environment. A wireless network is available to all our students. This provides access to the school curriculum via our learning environment and also the internet for research purposes. We ensure that the resource available is suitable for a school audience and as such all connections to the internet are routed via our proxy server. The students and teachers all access the school wireless network via Android tablets.

Virtual Learning Environment

Our teachers have been working on a project to move much of our curriculum online. In addition to delivering the highest quality lessons, the e-learning resource has enabled the learning process to transcend the classroom and allows our students to make the most of the learning opportunities on offer at Christ Ambassadors International College. Interactive Whiteboards (IWB's) are used in teaching our students. These allow our teachers to bring the most up to date information and the best of the web directly into their lessons.



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